Renata Lambiasi – Therapist

Spiritual Response Therapy

About Me:

I´m Renata, I´m a Special Needs Teacher with a Master in Cognitive development. I have worked as a Therapist for the past 12 years. By working with children, young adults and families, I discovered that I was able to help them understand and acknowledge their own potential.  So my purpose became to listen, establish connections and to hold space.  

In this moment, SRT came to me as a gift, allowing me to dive into the Spiritual sphere that was missing in my therapy. I was in my own process at that time, healing from my own trauma, experiences, family and of course, life. I truly believe we came to this life to heal.

I invite you to connect together with your spiritual committee to remove the energies that make you feel tired, confused or stagnant. Let’s discover those past lives that have made you come back to this incarnation and heal them, so that you can be the best version of yourself. I´m here to help you remember where you truly come from and to unfold your highest potential.



In the Mapuche cosmovision, the man was supposed to come to the earth, learn and come back to his spiritual place. However, on his way, he fell on a rock  and hit his head, forgetting everything about who he was and where he belonged.

In Mapudungun, Mapuche´s language, Domo (women), means – the one who remembers-. This is what this therapy is about, to support you in this journey to remember who you are, why are you on this path and how to make it better and easier.

My Work

Spiritual Response Therapy is a system of investigation and cleaning of the Archives of the Soul to find blockages that generate difficulties and challenges on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level.

By connecting with your Guidance from the Higher Self /Spirit Committee, we are able to investigate past lives or any other type of life, physical or non-physical, in this planet or others, to find any discordant energy. All of this happens without the need to re-experience related emotional trauma.

Bad experiences coupled with an emotion create negative programs that we run in this life. Most of these programs have been developed in past life and we can re-experience them in order to heal. We are here to heal, transform and grow to return to a Spiritual form.

Using a pendulum, we will investigate these negative programs to eliminate them. By using this process, we are erasing the energy patterns from the soul and subconscious. By erasing these patterns, you free yourself to live with all of your potential so that you can express your best spiritual self and ultimately, become the best expression of yourself.

Many times in other lives or dimensions, we have made vows, contracts or agreements with other beings or entities. They are so strong that it sometimes makes it difficult for us to move forward. With SRT, we will be able to revoke these vows, contracts or agreements and reprogram the subconscious  with positive energy and ideas of love. In this way, you achieve well-being and healing on all levels.

You can choose to have one session or several; it’s up to your heart and your individual experience. You will know what feels right for you.

We are affected not by what happens to us in this life but the reactive energy that we attach to the event.

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